Eleanor Roosevelt lit la grande Invocation

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C'était un temps où les Grands étaient exemplaires. Eleanor Roosevelt lit, à la radio, la Grande Invocation, pour le peuple américain.Les temps ont bien changé !!


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On World Invocation Day, 1952, Eleanor Roosevelt, a pioneering force in the passage of the Declaration of Human Rights at the United Nations, and wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, recorded a brief message which included the Great Invocation. The message was recorded by Mrs Roosevelt at the United Nations.

  We are living today in a troubled world. In many parts of the world people have a sense of discouragement as to whether they will ever solve their difficulties and it seems to me that those of us who feel that a spiritual leadership is necessary in the world are looking for ways in which to express what we feel. Someone sent me the other day an invocation, its called the Great Invocation, and it seems to me to express the aspirations held by many people throughout the world so I’m going to read it to you on this program.  
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 World Invocation Day 1952 broadcast – 2 minutes

Eleanor Roosevelt speaks about Prayer

The World Invocation Day statement by Eleanor Roosevelt is part of a longer broadcast in which Mrs Roosevelt speaks about prayer and the importance of thinking deeply about religious beliefs. This audio file includes the World Invocation Day statement.

 On Prayer and World Invocation Day – 6 minutes



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